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Jun 18

Lottovate launches Netherlands’ first new lottery in nearly 30 years

Lottovate today announced the launch of Raffld: the Netherlands’ first new lottery in nearly 30 years, and the world’s first experience lottery.

The new charity lottery is aimed primarily at Dutch millennials (aged 22-36 years old), a group that does not regularly play the lottery or donate to charity. Developed based on player feedback, Raffld gives players the chance to win experiences they can share with their friends rather than money.

Around one quarter of the Dutch population are millennials. In a recent poll of 1,000 Dutch millennials, conducted by Ruigrok NetPanel on behalf of Lottovate, nearly two-thirds (62%) of respondents said they played the lottery twice a year or less. More than half (55%) said they donated to charities once every six months or less. And 85% said that experiences make them more happy than money.

Independent research from RBB Economics shows that, with the recent opening up of the Dutch charity lottery market, good causes could potentially benefit from an extra €250 million per year in additional funds. 50% of every Raffld ticket goes to support good causes.

Peter-Paul de Goeij, Managing Director, Lottovate Netherlands, said: “Raffld is a different type of lottery. It’s about winning experiences to share with your friends, not money. By creating a product for people who don’t currently tend to play the lottery – so-called Millennials – it opens up an entirely new pool of funding for charities. With a guaranteed winner every week, that means it’s a win, win.”

Players can choose from four prize categories: 360 adventure, city all access, bucketlist tickets, and recharge break.  They select the prize category they’re interested in, the charity they want to support, and the friends they want to play with. Tickets cost €16 and cover four draws. To increase their chances of winning, groups of up to four friends can join their tickets together. If one wins, they all win.

Draws take place every Friday and a winner is guaranteed.

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