Nov 17

Lottovate and UNICEF launch Norway’s first online charity lottery

  • The UNICEF-lotteriet is Norway’s first ever digital-only charity lottery and a world first for UNICEF (www.uniceflotteriet.no)
  • An innovative way for UNICEF to raise long-term sustainable income, at a time of ‘giving fatigue’
  • New lottery expected to raise millions for UNICEF over the next nine years, at no cost to the charity
  • Lottovate are UNICEF Norway’s partner


Lottovate and UNICEF Norway have launched the UNICEF-lotteriet; Norway’s first ever digital-only charity lottery.


In a world first for UNICEF, Norwegians are now being given the chance to raise money for the charity and, at the same time, win up to 2 million Norwegian Krone every week (approx. €210,000).


Over the next nine years, the new lottery is expected to raise millions in income for UNICEF at no cost to the charity.


At a time where there is increasing demand for its services from children around the world, the money raised by the UNICEF-lotteriet will make it possible to help more children have a better life, by providing: education, protection, emergency relief (nødhjelp), water, lifesaving nutrition and vaccines.


Camilla Viken, Managing Director, UNICEF Norway, said: “Every day, for 70 years, UNICEF has been working for the rights of children across the globe to improve their lives. We have made major progress, but we need to keep doing more. And that’s why, in UNICEF Norway, we have been thinking innovatively about how we generate sustainable income over the long-term. The UNICEF-lotteriet is one of the really exciting ways in which we’re doing that; giving Norwegians the chance to support our work and win at the same time.”


Susan Standiford, General Manager, Lottovate, said: “At a time where charities all over the world are having to diversify their income streams, UNICEF Norway are leading the way. And Lottovate are standing right behind them; helping people give for good. With charities increasingly facing ‘giving fatigue’, the UNICEF-lotteriet is an innovative way to generate more funds, at no cost. It’s very scalable and a great way for the charity to expand their supporter base. We’re thrilled to be partnering with UNICEF Norway.”


The new lottery is approved by the Norwegian Lottery Authority. Lottovate, part of the stock-market listed ZEAL Group, is UNICEF Norway’s partner and responsible for the lottery’s operation. 30% of every ticket sold goes directly to UNICEF Norway; 40% goes to prize funding; and 30% to organise the lottery. All costs are borne by Lottovate.


To enter the draw and have the opportunity to win up to 2 million Krone, players pick five numbers and a symbol which represents UNICEF’s work around the world. Tickets cost 40 Krone (approx. €4.20). The first draw is taking take place on Friday 17th November at 18.00 (GMT) and will be live-streamed on the UNICEF-lotteriet Facebook page.


Interested organisations can find out more at: www.lottovate.com